Sport and Outdoor Education

We believe that young people who are physically fit and enthusiastically challenged in a fun and safe sporting environment perform better academically.

As a result, we provide inclusive sports and outdoor education activities for students of all abilities. Students gain personal satisfaction and develop socially and emotionally through team participation.


St Andrew’s Cathedral state of the art gym supports year round training

St Andrew’s Cathedral School provides sport and co-curricular activities for individuals across a vast range of ability levels. The program is designed to be inclusive, with activities available for any student at any level. All students are encouraged to participate in the school’s sporting activities. The enjoyment and support gained through team participation, improved physical fitness, skills for dealing with success and failure, as well as the ability to interact within various social environments, are all positive attributes gained through participation in the sporting and co-curricular programs the school offers.

Summer Sport involvement at St Andrew’s Cathedral School is optional. Winter Sport is compulsory for Years 7 to 11, taking place during Terms 2 and 3. Students are expected to attend training sessions after school on at least one weekday afternoon and participate in Saturday games. The school provides transport to and from sporting events outside Sydney Metro (Year 7 students do not normally play inter-school sport until Term 2, as the summer season encompasses Term 4 2020 and Term 1 2021).

St Andrew’s Cathedral School has a strong commitment to outdoor education, stemming from the belief that students gain real life skills and experiences as a result of spending time in the outdoors.

Outdoor Education

The outdoor education program at St Andrew’s Cathedral School is one of the largest and most comprehensive of any school in NSW, beginning with a Day Camp in Kindergarten and running through to Year 10.

The school has its own Outdoor Education Department and campsite called Kirrikee, an outdoor education centre in the Southern Highlands south-west of Sydney. It is focused solely on delivering high quality programs which are interesting, safe and meaningful. Our motto is, “challenging and changing lives”.

For more information on our Outdoor Education programs, visit our website.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Students from Year 8 are encouraged to join this program, which involves learning skills, developing interests, undertaking service and the planning/ undertaking of expeditions.

The program culminates in the Gold Award, which is highly recognised within employment as an outstanding achievement in its own right.

Further details are available from the Director of Sport and Cocurricular, Mr Ric van Wachem at .