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The Association of Parents and Friends (P&F), run by parent volunteers has the dual role of building and supporting the parent community, as well as fundraising to support our school and students. Fostering parent communication and friendships is done through events, meetings, presentations and the Convenor system.

P&F meetings help parents stay informed in the complicated modern world of education which has changed so much since their own schooling. Each term there is a general meeting which provides regular updates on key school news and events. The Head of School update is a standing agenda item and presents parents with the opportunity for direct engagement with Dr McGonigle and senior staff on matters of education, welfare or school infrastructure. The P&F meetings are open and informal opportunities to engage with the school and benefit most from a wide range of thoughts and contributions, so participation is strongly encouraged.

The P&F also regularly organise panels and Q&A events on topics of interest to parents. Called P&F Presents, there is one organised each term and they cover topics requested from the parent community. Recent topics have included panels on technology and student welfare. They provide a good opportunity for parents to stay informed about changes in the educational environment.

Attending or helping out at events is a great way to meet new friends

The P&F has its own community newsletter that updates parents on items of interest, upcoming events and P&F meeting dates and minutes.

We look forward to your involvement in the many events (both physical and virtual) we host during the year. Attending or helping out at events is a great way to meet new friends. Perhaps we will see you at the Christmas markets on the iconic rooftop playground or at one of the Welcome in the Square events.

The P&F also coordinate the group of convenors or class parents. See additional information on that below. 

All families are encouraged to pay a membership fee with their school fees in Term 1 to offset administrative costs and support P&F community initiatives.

In recent years, the P&F has raised funds for audio visual equipment, staff scholarships, a 3-D printer for Technological and Applied Studies and the refurbishment of the rooftop. Funds are mostly raised through events and student barbeques.

Mrs Helen Carson
P&F President

P&F Executive

PresidentHelen Carson
Vice PresidentJane Randall
SecretaryBradley Smith
TreasurerSimon Chan
General ExecutiveHeidi Beck  
General ExecutiveAmanda Green
General ExecutivePauline Su

2023 P&F Key Events Calendar

P&F Newsletters

Parent Convenors

What is a convenor?

Parent Convenors, supported by the P&F, organise year group social functions. These provide opportunities for parents (and sometimes their children) to meet informally to develop friendships and share the highs and lows of parenting and school life. This is much like a ‘class parent’ and we ask for volunteers from each year group in Years 7-12, and each class in Years Kindergarten to Year 6, to foster and encourage social networks, welcome families to the school, support families in need, and liaise with the P&F and the school’s Director of Community Engagement. This is a vital role in a school that draws students from over 220 Sydney suburbs. Convenors are a valuable link between the P&F and each year group. These parents are the “glue” that holds our community together. We look towards building on the existing culture that our parents have created, which is founded on enthusiasm, openness, warmth and friendship. 

Who can be a convenor?

Any parents at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. We encourage two to three for each year group Years 7-12; and each class in K-6.

What does a Convenor do?

Convenors work together to:

  • welcome families in your class or year group
  • enable parents in your cohort to get to know each other
  • arrange simple and fun social/connecting occasions
  • enhance communication between parents, the P&F, and the School
  • support P&F friend-raising and fundraising activities
  • attend P&F meetings whenever possible

Convenors also manage the year group Facebook groups which are an easy way to communicate with parents in your year group.

How will I contact the Convenor for my year group or class?

2023 volunteer Year convenors and the facebook group where they can be contacted are listed below. If you have any questions, please email the P&F at P& or

Looking for 2023 Parent Convenors?


YearNameFacebook Group
KindergartenCarolyn Sz, Valeria Julianto, John LopesSACS Seniors 2035 | Facebook
Year 1Natalie Cooney, Jessica PramanaSACS Seniors 2034
Year 2Erin DethridgeSACS Seniors 2033
Year 3Luke ForsythSACS Seniors 2032
Year 4Adeline Chung, An Griffin2019 Kindy Parents Group
Year 5Carla Ellerby, Tim Yeoh, Rhys Williams,
Stuart Martin, Catriona Morgan
SACS Graduating Class of 2030
Year 6Julie Spring, Jenny MorrisonSACS Seniors 2029


YearNameFacebook Group
Year 7Danyan Lin, Venkata Krishna, Halley Chan,
Suganya Krishna, Davina Langton, Meg Price
SACS Seniors 2028
Year 8Anthea Chang, Amy Keeton, Fiona Bolus,
Mae Leen Choe, Caroline Chan, John Lopes
SACS Seniors 2027
Year 9Grace Susanto, Walid El-Khoury, Renee BennettSACS Seniors 2026
Year 10Dora Georgaklis, Tracy SimpsonSACS Seniors 25
Year 11Halley Chan, Nina Still, Rita Elsey,
Walid El-Khoury, Renee Bennett
SACS Seniors 2024
Year 12vacantSACS 2023 Parents

Contact P&F

If you would like to find out more about our activities or support the P&F, please come along to one of our meetings or contact us via email at P&

For Facebook, please click on Facebook – St Andrews Cathedral School or you can use the Facebook search bar (if you are a user): St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

For other P&F questions and issues, please continue to use the main P&F account P&