School uniform

St Andrew’s Cathedral School Uniform Shop is located within the School on Gadigal Country, Sydney Square.

Uniform Shop Hours

2024 Term 2 Week 1
Monday 29 April, 8am- 3.30pm
Tuesday 30 April, 8am-3.30pm
Wednesday 1 May, 8am-3.30pm
Friday 3 May, 8am-3.30pm

The Uniform Shop will return to regular term time hours from Week 2 of Term 2.

The Uniform Shop is open during term time:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8am-3.30pm.


St Andrew’s Cathedral School
Level 6, 474 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
T +61 2 9286 9547

Maintaining a high standard of uniform presentation

St Andrew’s Cathedral School has an impressive reputation, developed over many years. The School seeks community support in maintaining and enhancing this through a high standard of uniform presentation as students travel to and from school and move around the city precinct. Pride in the School uniform is a key part of visibly demonstrating participation as a member of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School community. Further information regarding our School uniform, PE uniforms, sporting team uniforms and dress code, can be found in the Student Diary and in the Uniform Guidelines (below).

Online Uniform Shop orders

The Uniform Shop has developed a click-and-collect online arrangement for students. Parents can access the Online Uniform Shop via the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Parent Portal.  

Instructions to log in through the Parent Portal

Below is a video link detailing how to login and go through to the Uniform Shop through the Parent PortalUniformStore.avi

  1. Go to  
  2. Select “Parent Portal” 
  3. Login using your SACS assigned Username 
  4. Password Details in email sent through 
  5. Select “Yes” to remember your account or “No” for privacy reasons 
  6. Once Logged into the Home Page > Select “Uniform Store Web Shop” Tile 
  7. When finishing loading > Accept Terms and Conditions of site 
  8. Select “SACS Web Shop” at the top of page 
  9. Ensure that your child’s name is showing on the account. If not please let us know via to ensure details are correct. 

For any login assistance, please contact our IT Helpdesk via email or phone: (02) 92869 555.

Gawura Uniform

In addition to our usual School Uniform worn each day, Gawura has a special Indigenous cultural shirt, which clearly identifies our Gawura school. This shirt can be worn on cultural excursion days and On Country tours. Gawura parents, please return unwanted and outgrown uniform items to the Uniform Shop where Gawura students can be fitted for replacement items.

Second hand uniforms

The Uniform Shop supplies a large range of second hand School Uniforms that have been generously donated by families of St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Our second hand range can be found in store and once a term we have a sale in the square. All items sold are in very good condition, cleaned, ironed and all current uniform. Money raised from the second hand range goes toward supporting the Foundation which supports programmes such as Gawura.

Please drop off donations to the Uniform Shop during trading hours or School Reception during school hours.

Uniform Guidelines: click to download