How parents will receive information

Educating young people is shared responsibility between the home, school and the individual student.

For this reason, clear channels of communication are vital. At St Andrew’s Cathedral School, there are a number of ways in which parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and what is happening within the school. These include the School Diary, the Parent Portal, end of Semester Reports and parent-teacher interviews.

We also encourage parents and teachers to make direct contact with one another through phone calls, emails and meetings as required.

Fortnightly newsletter

St Andrew’s Cathedral School communicates with parents through regular e-Newsletters. It is important that parents provide a current email address for this communication. Parents will receive three newsletters:

  • Head of School – once a fortnight
  • Head of School Division (Junior, Gawura – Message Stick, Middle or Senior College) – alternate fortnight
  • P&F – twice a term

Specific emails to parents of Year groups and other important announcements are also sent when appropriate.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a vital resource for parents/carers to keep informed of their child’s progress. It provides access the following information regarding your child:

  • view and update address and contact information
  • view contact lists
  • email tutor / teachers and Year Coordinator directly
  • view year-to-date student discipline records – rewards, detentions and awards
  • download academic reports
  • record of absences
  • view student timetable and teacher list
  • download assessments, tasks and notices given during each term
  • download Growth Learning Plans

The Parent Portal is accessed through a link on the St Andrew’s Cathedral School website home page.

Comprehensive instructions and a list of FAQs are available on SACSConnect. Early in 2021, each parent with a separate email address will be sent their unique username and password to enable you to log-in. It is vital that the school is kept up-to-date with your current email addresses.


SACSConnect is an electronic St Andrew’s Cathedral School Community Information page that contains a wide range of procedures and information pertaining to many aspects of school life and there is a link to it on the Parent Portal..


This online lesson management system, accessible through the various school portals, provides students and parents with current classwork, assignment details and links pertaining to teaching and learning at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Weekly Parent Digest

Secondary School parents and students will receive an emailed weekly bulletin every Friday which summarises awards, events, academic progress and discipline.

Student Progress Reports

St Andrew’s Cathedral School has three formal methods of reporting on student progress. They are Interim reports, School reports and Parent/teacher interview. As well as this, there are informal opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress through conversations with individual class teachers. The Director of Learning is also a resource to students and parents. A program of academic tracking allows for the monitoring of progress in effort and achievement. For more information, go to the curriculum section pf this website.