Specialised Learning & Gifted and Talented education programs

It is the role of the Specialised Learning team to work closely with teachers, students, parents and outside professionals to cater for the individual needs of students. We also work closely with our school psychologists, the Head of Careers and Pathways and Partnerships.

This collaborative approach ensures communication and sharing where parents and professionals work together, supporting each other to provide a learning environment that is differentiated and accessible. At St Andrew’s Cathedral School, teachers are mindful of students’ social, emotional, spiritual and academic development. We aim to create a learning environment where students can access the curriculum, have opportunities to contribute to class discussions and participate in class activities.

Gifted and talented education program

St Andrew’s we seek to ensure every learner is engaged and growing every day. This forms the basis of our learning model which challenges and develops all learners.

We recognise the need to cater for gifted and talented students within an inclusive cohort and aim to provide specialised educational programs and opportunities.

From our core values, we believe it is important to develop the talents of academically gifted students, just as we do any other student who may possess sporting, musical or other talents.